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February 22, 2012

TT w/Linky: Fearless Flyers

Every winter we plan a trip to the snow and normally stay in one of my favorite winter locations, Tahoe Donner in Truckee, CA.  A big cabin is rented, we caravan up with friends and play in the snow for three days.

This past holiday weekend was the weekend we've had booked since October, snow or no snow we were going.  The snow fall has been extremely low this season but we hoped for the best and headed up anyway.

So glad we did.  The snow on the ground surrounding the hillside cabin where we stayed was protected by shade, which made conditions perfect for the homemade Luge run for sledding that was soon created.

On the early, crisp mornings, our luge run was icy and super fast.

Where the smallest of the bunch was able to catch some amazing air.

The faster the better.

As the days continued, the 'Fearless Flyers' became braver and braver.  Even trying out different positions.

Which made for bigger, more fun crashes.

Different weight combinations were evaluated to see who and what could get the fastest time down the luge run.

Crash after crash didn't stop these Fearless Flyers from trekking back up the hill again and again for another go at the fast track.

I'm still not entirely sure which they enjoyed more,  the crashes or the fast run down the hill.

By the second day, the Mom's had a go at it.

 I must say, the faster the better......until you crash land.

As long as the security barrier of bodies were in position to catch any out of control sleds from crashing into the side of the house, it was all good.

Despite what the above photo may look like, Bryce's front teeth were missing Before the snow trip.....No tears for these Fearless Flyers......maybe a slightly different story for the Moms.  My body is completely bruised from crashing down on the hard ice.....anything to entertain my kids.

On this Thankful Thursday, I'm thankful body pillows have been invented.

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cathy@home said...

Fabulous fearless fun.

Marina said...

Beautiful post and great get away!