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February 15, 2012

TT w/Linky: Duck Hunt or a Chance at Technology

Bryce, my seven year old, my 'techy', my homebody sensitive son will do just about anything to stay in the house any day of the weekend if he even thinks there might be the slightest chance he'll be allowed to use the computer.   I'm rethinking the decision we made to allow our kids to use technology at a young age.  Even though he's only allowed to use it on Friday's, he tries and tries to wear me down into agreeing to some 'extra time' on the doesn't work but he's relentless.

A few Sunday's ago, it was the last day of duck season in our area.  Bryce had not been out all season, this was his last chance for a while.  Some of his cousins and friends were on their way over for this much anticipated last day.  We pushed and prodded and maybe even bribed Bryce to head out on this hunt.

Once he was out there, it was a good's just the getting him there that I need to work on.

After the hunt, a trap shooting session ensued.

A long, full, fun day on the ranch.  Where my ranch kid actually acted like a ranch it should be.

Maybe time to throw technology out the window, for a while.

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Marina said...

It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Stevie said...

I hear 'ya! My kids get 30 minutes of computer time on Wednesdays. It was 60 degrees and beautiful and my boys thought we were going to stay home and let them play computer instead of take the dogs on a hike to a swinging bridge. Imagine 2 boys choosing a computer over a swinging bridge!!! Needless to say we went on the hike and they had a good time. But they still insisted on their computer time before bed. Ugh!