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February 29, 2012

TT w/Linky: Box Lunch

Once a year, the student body at the one-room school my kids attend, look forward to Box Lunch Day.  This is where names are drawn between the entire student body....all nine kids and the two teachers, to see who they will be responsible making a box lunch for on the given day.   

The week prior to the much anticipated event, the interview process takes place.  The is where they can request anything they fancy for their box lunch....from pizza to sliders, ice cream to gummy bears....whatever their heart desires.

The day of the event, students and teachers alike, can barely wait until lunch time to open their gift wrapped box lunch to find the treasures that await them inside.

Included in Paige's beautifully wrapped box lunch was a homemade rice, bean and cheese burrito {that I had the pleasure of finishing}, also included; chocolate chip cookies, lemonade and some fruit.

Bryce got EXACTLY what he wanted....sliders, juice and much to his surprise, an interactive box top made to look like a mini construction scene, complete with a chocolate frosting 'dirt road', graham cracker crumb 'sand' and mini marshmallow 'boulders' to interact with the slew of construction trucks that acompanied it .....Heaven for a seven year old boy.

On this 'Thankful Thursday', I'm grateful for the intimate group that attends the one-room school. Loving the ease of pulling off such a fun event that the students will remember and look forward to for years to come.

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