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February 9, 2012

Hall Pass for the Mamas

A couple of times a year, the guys in our family get together with friends to make home made venison/pork sausage.  It's a long time tradition here on the ranch.  This past Sunday was the scheduled day.  It takes place down the road on the neighboring ranch in the basement of the old farm house, which was the original Grossi home ranch.

The kids and I were here, at home on the ranch alone, both my father-in-law, George and my husband have started the sausage making fest earlier in the morning.  The plan was to drop off Bryce a little later after breakfast.  As we're heading down the hill I come up on 25 or so mama cows that happen to be grazing beyond the enclosure of their corrals, in the yard. 

A definite hall pass for the mamas.

They were as happy as can be, grazing in knee deep, lush green grass. They weren't going anywhere fast.

Just as I was deciding whether or not to try and corral these ladies all on my own, my father-in-law, thankfully drives back onto the ranch.  I was then able to drive down the road {no cell service at the sausage making area} and grab Dominic and few other helpers to move these mamas back into their corrals.

What would have taken me an hour, at least, to move these mamas into the proper place only takes Dominic five minutes.

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