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December 21, 2010


This is about as close to snow as we get here in northern California.  Hail.  It comes down hard and fast, though it's not the golf ball sized hail balls the Midwest seems to get, but everyone still runs for cover.

The cows are sheltered in their safe freestall barnJoey was too lazy to walk to his barn and decides to take cover under the huge oak tree in his pasture and Chloe gets the urge for a potty break at this very moment and as I open the sliding glass door to let her out, she decides against it.

As for Dominic, he still goes about his work on the dairy; feeding cows, scraping barns all while getting pelted by hail and soaked by the rain.

The rest of us; Bryce, Paige and cousins, Cam and Leila, who are here for a play date and sleepover found indoor activities to keep entertained......

Trouble x's two....

What is it with boys and video games?  Does this love of video games carry on into adulthood?  If I allowed it, they would be on this Nintendo 24-7.

What do you do to keep entertained on a stormy day?

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Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Us too- it just won't let up- no red moon for us- oh yeah and I was asleep.
Oh well-
I agree what is it with boys- My monkey would not stop to pee if I didn't remind them- They played most of yesterday so today I wouldn't let them go on until just now- not sure what the point I am trying to prove is.

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@Ren, I guess it's better than watching least their brains are functioning with the video games. During school time, Bryce is only allowed to play on Fridays after school, otherwise he becomes obsessed with it.