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December 6, 2010

Shopping, Bling & Cocktails

Everyone likes to promote their own town's businesses and with the current economical situation in most cities across the nation, it's great to see brand new businesses move into town.  The other night, my friend Alice, organized a girl's shopping night in our home town.  Two brand new clothing and accessory boutiques opened in our small town, "My Favorite Things" and "Georgiou".  The two boutiques stayed open later in the evening for us, served wine and champagne and some snacks for our girl's night of shopping.  

A 'shopping party' or 'boutique crawl' is what it was like and what a fun time we had!

First stop was the Hill Top restaurant for cocktails, which I missed.  We had our bi-monthly vet check at the dairy which means Dominic works later than usual, so instead, I met everyone downtown at the second stop, "My Favorite Things".

For the locals, this is a fun and reasonably priced boutique.  Anything from leggings, shoes, purses, clothing and bling-bling jewelry.  I ended up buying a few presents that I can now cross off my list....and one or two things for myself.

Lots of accessories and scarves. 

They're also getting a new shipment in on Wednesday, so if you're local to Novato and still have some Christmas shopping to do, check them out.

Next stop was "Georgiou" just down the street.  I was too busy trying on all the cute outfits they have to snap any photos but they have anything from cocktail dresses, purses, jewelry, jeans, sweaters, you name it,  and also very reasonably priced.  I just love it when I don't have to leave town to find a great outfit, don't you?

Georgiou is conveniently located next to Finnegan's Marin, which was the final stop in our "boutique crawl".  Gotta finish it off at a pub, right?
Kristi {left} and Mendy {right} and I finished shopping and headed over.

Where we met Kristi's husband, Dan, who preceded to buy all of us girls a drink.  Thanks Dan!  What a night!  I was home by 9 pm just in time to tuck Bryce into bed {Paige was asleep} and read him a chapter of his Junie B. Jones book.

My Christmas shopping check list is almost complete!  How's yours coming along?

Happy Monday!

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ann said...

Sure sounds like fun. Love accessories can change any outfit.

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@ann, It was fun! Accessories are my favorite also:) Thanks!

Katie said...

Now here is a HUGE difference between living on a farm in California vs. North Dakota. You can actually buy a stylish, fashion forward out fit with accessories in your town. The ONLY clothing store in our town of 1200 people is called...The Western Shop. And it is not trendy. It's your basic of basic cowboy clothes. But it is authentic! I'll blog about it sometime just for you to see. :)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@Katie, I would love to see what your town is MUST blog about it sometime:) How far do you guys travel to go clothes shopping?