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December 16, 2010

Got Milk? Goog Does!

Last night was the annual Marin County Farm Bureau Christmas party.  While most of us were sipping on wine, Jerry Corda, aka "Goog" was on his second glass of milk.

Not only does Goog love drinking milk, he also helps to produce it.  Goog is a  fourth-generation dairy farmer. His family lives on a 1,100-acre farm in northern California. He has been a dairy farmer for over 40 years. His family's dairy farming legacy began when his great grandfather came to America from Switzerland in 1884 and he became a dairy farmer. The family dairy farm they live on has been in their family since 1949.

Goog has been a family friend of ours for many years.  He is the ever loving, positive, good spirited guy you always want around at a party!  Stay tuned, more to come on Goog and his dairy in January.

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Debbie said...

HI Nancy, it’s me, Debbie, from Texas. We met Jerry years ago when both of our families hosted Japanese students for about 3 weeks one summer. Our student and the Corda’s student plus a few others prepared a typical Japanese meal and all their American families gathered at the Corda’s for the meal. It was a great evening.
Thanks for sharing about “Goog”!

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Hi Debbie, That's great! I didn't realize they had an exchange student years ago! Thank you for sharing:)
Everyone loves Goog!

k. said...

That's funny. At my husband's office holiday party last night everyone was ordering drinks, and I was so tempted to ask for a glass of milk--it's so hard for me to have dessert without it!

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@K., especially if the dessert is chocolate!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'd like this guy, his family and The Hubby's would have a lot in common. The farm has been in the family for over 100 years - recently won the Hoosier Homestead Award. He sounds like a good guy and my FIL would have ordered milk too!