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December 3, 2010

Vaccinations; Cows and Kid on the same day!

Part of the dairy farm routine and care is the bi-monthly visit by our veterinarian to pregnancy check cows and heifers, and give vaccinations to calves when needed.  Yesterday was vet day.  Our vet appointment is normally at the end of the day, when milking is just about complete, that way Dominic can hold back any cows that need to be checked. 

Not only was it vaccination day at the farm, it was also Paige's scheduled well check and immunization appointment at her pediatrician's office.  I didn't tell her about the appointment until about an hour before we were to leave for the appointment.  Why?  Because Paige, and I'm sure all kids, tend to have anxiety when they know they're going to the doctor's office.  As soon as she found out where we were headed, she began quizzing me on if she was going to receive 'shots'. 

She needed to have three injections.  Now she's good until next summer when she'll receive her last three.  I think a large sized treat is always in order after this type of appointment.  Applebee's is right across the street from the pediatrician's office and that's where we headed as soon as Paige's tears calmed down.

The promise of lunch at a restaurant and an ice cream sundae was enough to make Paige feel much better about the three shots she just received.....thankfully.

She ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of fruit salad. 

I ordered a half turkey club and asian chicken crunch salad for myself.

And we finished the afternoon meal off with an oreo cookie ice cream sundae.  Paige was generous enough to share with her mom....lucky me.

This sundae went down lightening fast!  So fast in fact, I almost forgot to snap some photos of it.  Hmmm, maybe because I was looking forward to the sundae even more than Paige was:) 

Bye for now, I'm off to the Hill Top to meet my boot camp class for cocktails.
Happy Friday!
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Pat Tillett said...

Oh yeah! With five kids we've been through a bunch of these visits. I always hated them. Especially when they were babies!
It's never easy...

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Pat, I didn't realize you had 5 kids!! You're right, these visits are definitely not easy on the parents either...

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Holly Molly I didn't realize Pat had five kids- wow-

Well I even though my husband is a doctor and does NOT share my theory- I do not vaccinate my kids- They had their baby ones- and I have done a few and AGAIN I'm going to pull my Canadian card- I followed Canadian standards of vaccination which is a lot less than American- Our monkeys go to a private school so I am able to get away with this- I know Nancy I'm nutz- You don't have to tell me-
Furthermore I don't believe in Flu vaccination (even though they offered them for free at the monkeys school)- Dr. J has to get one- the three of us never have.
P's grill cheese looks yummy-I would love a bite!

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@Ren, I'm with you on the Flu shots, we're not getting them either, even though the Peditritian recommends them. I spread out all the vaccinations for my kids {split them up} when they were smaller because I was worried about them receiving too many on one day. Paige now only has a couple left and she's done!