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December 9, 2010

Dairy Farmers & Cattle Ranchers Keeping the U.S. Food Supply Safe - Vaccinations

Last week I mentioned that our bi-monthly vet appointment was happening for the dairy cows and how vaccinations were given. All cattle, nationwide {dairy and beef} are required to be given the vaccination for Brucellosis and  in the state of California it's also required to be given by a veterinarian. {I’m not sure if this vaccination is required to be given by a vet in all other states or if it’s just CA}. There hasn’t been a Brucellosis outbreak in the U.S. in many, many, years and this vaccination along with a tattoo placed on the inner part of the animal’s right ear identifying what brucellosis vaccine was given, is also required in the U.S. to assure us this disease will not become active once again. This is just one of the many procedures we, as dairy farmers and or cattle ranchers must abide by to assure a safe food supply in the U.S.

Today, here on the farm, was once again vaccination & cow magnet day. Dominic gives our calves any other vaccination that is needed and today they were vaccinated for Staph and Ecoli. Paige and I decided we would go down to the barn to help.

First thing's first, separate the calves that need to be vaccinated.  Here's one girl that was extra friendly.

Paige oversaw the entire process.

Next, lock the calves in the sanctions so they can eat and remain stationary while given their vaccinations.

And for the calves that don't already have cow magnets in their bellies, Dominic uses a bolus gun to insert a cow magnet.

After that process was over, it was time for the daily barn scrape. 

Paige is always up for helping Daddy and a tractor ride.

While the cows are outside of the freestall barn, Dominic scrapes all the solid waste from the barn into the solid and liquid waste pit for recycling next summer

It's now time for a shower.

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ann said...

That is a good thing. We raise beef cattle in the Midwest and also give our animals vaccinations just like we would care for our children.

Jessica Johnson said...

Just you ever get used to the "smell"? :)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

@Jessica, well, I haven't gotten used to it yet but I know Dominic has....and Paige, who is 4 and gags over any strong smell; garlic, fish, cheese pizza, has become used to the smell {or at least she doesn't gag when at the barn} luckily the smell is just surrounding the barn areas. Our house is up-wind from it, we don't smell it here. Thanks!

Samantha said...

Good post Nancy! Your property looks like it is absolutely gorgeous!