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May 8, 2014

Raise The Macallan SF

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a whisky tasting event in San Francisco, Raise The Macallan.  Who am I to say no to any sort of alcohol tasting?  Of course I found the time!  I had not heard of Macallan whisky and thought what better time to learn more about it.

"Raise the Macallan" was held at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.  After finding street parking, I walked over to where a long line was forming just outside the Regency.  After a few minutes, along came a woman toting her ipad guest list to check me in and hand me a Macallan drink card.  Shortly thereafter, the line was shuffled in to the ballroom, along aluminum ramps that resembled and sounded much like the cattle ramps we use here on the ranch....but it was all for the whiskey, no complaints from me.  Once inside, I was given my very first taste of Macallan whisky.  Macallan 10.  Being a Macallan virgin and at my first ever whisky tasting, I lifted the glass to my nose, sniffed, sipped and swirled in my mouth before swallowing.  Mmmm, warmed my insides.  Good stuff.

Shortly after tasting Macallan 10 and being offered appetizers to nibble on, the group was then led into another room, the ballroom, for a seated presentation.

We were introduced to the evening MC, Kieron Elliott, straight from Scotland, accent and all.  He was a complete entertainment while telling the history of Macallan whiskey and how it came to be, many years ago in Scotland.  We went on a tasting journey through Macallan 12,15, 17 and then the most aged, 18 {years}.

 Unlike wine, where you swirl it in your mouth, I learned the proper way to taste whisky or scotch is to "chew" it.  Yes, chew, which helps to break it down in your mouth for the utmost tasting experience.

I now consider myself a complete Macallan fan.  I can definitely see myself  "chewing" a half glass of it after the kids are in bed on a cold night, in front of the fire.

If you're ever offered the opportunity to attend a Macallan tasting, go for it, you will not be disappointed.

For more info, go to..... the Macallan
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