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May 28, 2014

Laughing Glass Cocktails for Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one for us.  Five parties throughout the weekend.  Great food, some yummy cocktails and fantastic company and good laughs.

A new, local company named Laughing Glass Cocktails, sent me a bottle of their ready-to-serve margaritas to try.  Thank you Laughing Glass!

The company was launched in 2013 by three friends from Marin county, with the same passion for creating a ready to serve margarita.

It is quite tasty, I found.....refreshing and not too sweet, just how I like my margaritas.  A six ounce glass is around 165 calories, it has a 12% alcohol content and this wine bottle size retails for about $17.99.  To learn more about Laughing Glass Cocktails and where to find it, click Here!

The afternoon temp, about 84 degrees at my friend, Catrina's pool, and was so relaxing, just perfect for lounging around, basking in the sun and eating, drinking and chatting. But if you're my friend, Sarah, she could do all that PLUS dive numerous times off the diving board......and then probably run 12 miles.  I, myself, cannot dive so snapping pics of Sarah flipping off the diving board has now become an annual Memorial/Labor Day tradition. She's awesome.  I'm envious.

More sparkling refreshments, a few cookies,

more lounge time,

and to end the swim day, what's more fun than a lopsided chicken fight?  Six foot five vs. four foot something.

I hope your Memorial weekend was a wonderful one!
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