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April 16, 2012

Vegas Makes You CrAzY

It was a quick trip to a fast city.....nothing slows down in Las Vegas.  My well thought out plan was to lay by the pool for two days, eat, drink my umbrella drink and people watch all with no kids in tow.  

My plans seldom work out as I envision.  

The daytime high was 50 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms.

Plan B.  Eat, drink and people watch..... repeat......I don't gamble, so that's out.

After this Vegas trip, I can now, proudly proclaim, I am no longer a fried pickle virgin.  I LOVE them!  Have you had one?!  If not, you should.  I plan on recreating them at home, so good!  And great with a beer.

From stop to stop, down the strip on Las Vegas Blvd., and there are many,  we happened upon the outdoor venue at Harrah's.  Super fun bar with a great cover band playing on the outdoor stage and the people watching was epic!

After a few drinks, you begin seeing things like men in red thongs.

You begin ordering crazy cocktails like Toadsuck Pond.....AND drinking them.

The view begins to look a little off kilter.

Buildings look as though they're leaning.

Pink cows begin to appear out of no where.

Pink elephants too.

By the end of the night, you may even think you have....

Then it begins all over the following day.

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