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April 17, 2012

Staying at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

I think I need a vacation after my vacation in Las Vegas...lots of walking, talking, eating, drinking and then more walking.  But I'd go back in a heartbeat if I can stay at The Cosmopolitan hotel and resort.  The only word I can find to describe this hotel is 'swanky'.....outrageously fashionable and elegant.....loved it!

I don't gamble, but Dominic does, therefore we...or he, was given a three night's stay at The Cosmopolitan for free......okay, okay.....probably not 'free' when you look at the big picture, I'm sure the 'free' suite was paid for in one of his past gambling trips.

Not complaining at's the view from our suite.....from our private terrace, high up, we had a view of Paris.....

and the Bellagio water show was just beneath our terrace.

The decor of the suite was very contemporary and modern.

The sitting area is super comfortable with a flat screen tv, bar, and kitchenette.  The couch is super comfortable to sleep on, I tried it out one night.

From the sitting room looking out towards the bedroom area and the private terrace.
We spent a ton of time within the hotel's areas and bars.  I found, with thousands of people either staying at  or coming in to eat, gamble, dance and drink, the hotel certainly didn't lack in seating areas.  On the floor where most of the restaurants are located, there's a common area with pool tables, couches and club chairs to park yourself and chat or people watch.

One of my favorite spots to hang out in at The Cosmopolitan was The Chandelier bar.

There is a bar on every tier and there are three tiers.

Crystals drape from the top tier all the way to the bottom tier giving you the sense you are sitting within a chandelier yourself.

 I will most definitely stay at The Cosmopolitan again, but next time I will plan it so that I'm SURE the outside temp is warm enough to utilize one of the three pools.

The Cosmopolitan definitely draws a younger crowd.  I think I saw at least 50 bachelorette parties and almost as many bachelor {or guy} trips.  The Marquee Night Club may be the draw for these girl and guy's 60,000 square feet with stadium seating surrounding the dance floor, flanked by four story LED screens and projection walls displaying customized light shows to go along with each show.  Oh, and it opens out to the Day Club pool as well.  Crazy, right?

And lastly....I got a kick out of some of the room incidentals The Cosmopolitan has available in each and every room.................

Binoculars to use or purchase....

The 'Get Lucky' kit available for purchase, right next to the peanuts...........comes with condoms, lubricant and a pair of joke.

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