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March 29, 2010

Calves out to pasture~

Directly in front of our house, there is a small pasture sectioned off where the grass grows very tall by spring time. We've found this to be the perfect area to let some of the baby calves out to pasture. Natural lawn (grass) mowers. A few days ago, we put 16 of our calves out there. They are all around 4-5 months old. I just love it when they're so close to the house. Chloe is not sure what to think of the calves being so near in proximity to our house.

She continues to bark at them. Even as I'm writing this. The first two calves peek out to survey the situation before walking out of the trailer.... They like what they see...... Come on girls! It's party time! They all stick together....... Beginning to feel more comfortable in their new environment......... The grass is taller than they are............ The next morning the heifers in the adjacent hillside pasture, come over to visit. You can see two of the bigger girls in the bottom left corner of the photo below.... Everyone is happy.......

Happy Monday!

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