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March 24, 2010

Bulls Feeling Frisky ~ Annual Testicle Festival

Here on our dairy, we use Artificial Insemination as well as the 'natural' process to impregnate our heifers and cows. We have two registered Holstein bulls that live on the ranch. Both are around 3 - 3 1/3 years old. One is kept in the heifer pasture and the other is kept with the milking cows. Most of you know how I feel about terrified of them I am. Here is one reason..... Two of them meeting across the fence line. They were feeling a little frisky. Trying to establish dominance through the fence. Butting heads as the cows and heifers stood, watched & cheered on their bull. Whew! I'm glad they were in separate pastures. Since we're talking bull, I wanted to share what I've been hearing lately about Testicle Festivals. They seem to be popping up all over. A supposed delicious delicacy made from, you guessed it.....bull testicles. AKA 'Rocky Mountain Oysters', or in Montana ~ 'Montana Tendergroin'. I've heard I wouldn't think twice about the taste if I didn't know what it was...Hmmmm, I think I would require a whole lot of beer to taste this delicacy. But I probably would take a bite of one just to see what they taste like. Apparently, the testicles are normally skinned when they're just thawing because the membrane supposedly peels like an orange, then marinated in beer, breaded four times, and deep fried. The end result looks like a big, flat cookie or breaded tenderloin. How does that sound to you? Would you eat one? This video is of the annual Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival, where last year's crowd of 10,000 devoured two tons of the protein-rich bull meat. Enjoy! Pin It


An Authentic Life said...

A colleague of mine has ties to a real ranch in Montana...I plan to attend an "authentic" branding, then eat some of the testicles! I'll do it so I can live and blog about it!

k. said...

I've never been afraid of bulls. I remember feeding them all the time when I was really young. I screamed my head off when a lady bug landed on me--but a bull was no problem.

If I ever get the chance I think I'd try the Rocky Mountain oysters. I'll try just about anything.