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February 21, 2010

A Little Bit of History

The kids and I visited my parents in Penngrove today, so I thought I would share a little bit about where I grew up. My parents have 4 1/2 acres in Penngrove. The five of us lived in this little two bedroom one bathroom farm house up until I was seven years old. I was lucky enough to live in this house again 10 years ago for a couple of years. I love this charming, quaint house. Then we moved next door to the house my parents had built in the 70's. It's not much bigger than the farm house, three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a garage. The property had five chicken houses on it. One was taken down to build the new house. Four of them still remain. When I was a teenager, my 'garage' used to be this converted chicken house..... The chicken house directly behind our home was and still is my Dad's shop and the front part of it was our 'play house'. My sisters and I spent many hours playing, roller skating, and even riding bikes in that chicken house. So many great memories that I am able to revisit every time I walk through the door. I discovered this on my visit...... I attended Petaluma High School and graduated in 1985. I remember drawing this with chalk as though it was just yesterday. This chalk drawing is over 25 years old! I can't believe it's still there! Here is the middle part of the chicken house, my Dad's shop...... This photo is taken from the front of the 'play' chicken house, looking up to the back of my parent's house....... A view from their back deck........ My two sisters and I....... My kids playing in Grandma and Grandpa's house, creating their own memories....... Grandma and Grandpa with three of their grand kids, Bryce, Paige and of course Chloe..... Some other childhood memories that come to mind as I'm creating this post are SNACKS~ I think we lived on Tang.....I believe my Mom thought Tang was as healthy as orange juice....we even used to make ice cube popsicles out of it... Another favorite, Hostess pies. My school lunch was packed with 1/2 of a blackberry pie every day. They do contain fruit, they're healthy, right? Oh, and my favorite of all........ Happy Sunday! Pin It
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