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February 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday! - But Not For Everyone...

On the drive to school this morning.... Bryce's one room school in the distance... This morning on the drive to Bryce's school, it looked as though it might turn out to be a partial sunny day after the fog clears. A good bike riding day after school and a good morning to find Bryce that bike I had been promising him. Since his other one was left in the driveway last summer, behind the truck, it has never rode the same since. We did try to salvage it by straightening out the training wheels and handle bars but the training wheels kept turning up and it has just never rode straight after being drug by the truck. First stop.....Starbucks, okay, when did they start carrying these 'Mini Sparkle Donuts?' I couldn't resist! There can't be too many calories in this itsy, bitsy donut can there? Happy Wednesday to me! After Starbucks, I headed down to the toy store to shop for bikes. I decided on one that looked similar to his old one with the exception of the 16" inch wheels versus 12" inch. Happy Biker Bryce... After biking, it was time for Chloe's bath... Not a happy Wednesday for Chloe... Chloe 'tolerates' her bath, but not her favorite thing... Done.. A treat makes it all worth it... Pin It

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chocolate and whine said...

Aww, poor Chloe. (Although, the wet dog photos are hilarious!)