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February 27, 2010

The Lake~Disc Golf~The Arnold Palmer

This is Stafford Lake which sits directly across the street from our ranch. Stafford Lake is a 139 acre park that offers lake fishing, a nature trail, picnic areas with barbecue facilities for groups of up to 500 people, a children's play structure, lawn areas, a softball field, volleyball, disc golf and horseshoe courts. No boating, swimming or dogs allowed. The city of Novato receives 30% of the water it uses from Stafford Lake, the other 70% comes from the Russian River.

The cows have a nice view..... And so do we.... You can fish off this walking bridge.... The disc golf site map... The disc golf course (the 18th hole).... Disc golf cage..... I've never played disc golf.....maybe when the kids get a little older we can all learn together. Have you played disc golf? If so, send me some tips!

Here's a golfing drink..... The Arnold Palmer~ 5 oz of lemonade 5 oz of iced tea mix pour over ice garnish with mint or lemon Enjoy! Happy Saturday! Pin It


Kelsey said...

Disc golf tip # 1 --- bring an adult beverage.
Disc golf tip # 2 --- train your dog how to fetch discs.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Kelsey, I LIKE your way of thinking! Thanks for the tips ;)

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My family has a similar farm in the west of the country, we have 500 crows and many horses, so I love the nature and your pictures are so specatcular, and beautiful, I would like to visit this place!!