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February 17, 2010

The Day We Had....

Driving Bryce to school this morning, I snapped a photo of the Happy Heifers on the hill behind our house. I just thought it was a beautiful scene with the little bit of fog.... Paige is on 'Ski Week Break' this week from preschool (because so many preschooler go skiing right?) So, we had a Starbucks date and made a Costco run... It was only fair since last week when Bryce had President's Day off and Paige was in preschool, we had a breakfast date at Stars Restaurant...... After Costco today, Paige and I headed home for lunch. Paige had toast with a hard boiled egg (we cooked a new batch with the Egg Genie) and I pulled out one of the frozen Sweet Potato Burritos I made and had stored in the freezer. They are so good! This is the first one I've had after being frozen.....easy to microwave (about 4 minutes) and so healthy and filling. I will definitely make another batch to store in the freezer for easy lunches or dinners. In the afternoon, we headed down to the milk barn. Bryce and Paige sweeping up the dirt in the yard.... Bryce found a ladybug...... Then off to the calf barn to feed..... And clean.... For dinner, frozen salmon burger patties, from Costco (they don't look very appetizing but they were good) sprinkled with a little brown sugar and baked at 450 degrees for 20 minutes, served with risotto and peas..... Happy Wednesday! Pin It


SashaInTheKitchen said...

great photos - love your blog. you live on a beautiful and amazing farm.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos!