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February 6, 2010

All About 4-H Presentation Day

A few members of Tri-Valley 4-H
This morning, Marin County 4-H held it's annual Presentation Day at the Glenn barn. All Marin County 4-H clubs were invited and encouraged to participate. My son, Bryce, is a member of Tri-Valley 4-H Club. Bryce is five years old and it is his first year participating in 4-H. There were many Presentation ideas to choose from including, Talk Demonstration, Public Speaking, Share The Fun Show, Interpretive Reading, Cultural Arts, Power Point Presentation, Visual Displays and more. Bryce chose to enter a Panel Display Presentation titled, "How To Bake A Cake." Bryce, proud of his Display
When it was Bryce's turn to present his display to the Judge, he explained to her his process for baking a cake, creating his display, and he answered all questions she had for him. Bryce received a Gold Star Certificate of Achievement for his Panel Display and a Visual Arts Pin for his 4-H hat.
Charming the Judge

What a great learing experience 4-H is for any young person. 4-H is a community of 6million young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. 4-H can be found in every county in every state. 4-H'ers participate in fun, hands-on learning activities.

The Rabbit Group giving their presentation

4-H inspires young people to continue to learn and grow, to make their best efforts better through participating in educational experiences.

A "Favorite Foods" Entry

Young people learn best when they are involved in their learning. Learn by doing. The intent is to do, reflect, and apply. I want to give my children the benefit of being involved in 4-H throughout their youth.

Presentation on "How To Ear Tag A Cow"


In the evening it's soup night for the kids.....they love it!

Not Homemade But good!

Dominic's and my dinner was Pesto Genovese Chicken Breast from Tader Joe's, spinach salad and garlic bread~

After dinner, it was a game of Mexican Train Dominoes

And Chutes and Ladders Chloe was a bit bored Good Night! Pin It

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Hey! I know these amazing kids! :) Welcome to'll never be the same!!!! LOL I'll enjoy keeping up with you here. hugs, Dana