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September 10, 2013

PBR Rodeo Action

Paige is constantly asking if she can accompany me on the events and girl's nights that I attend and most of the time the answer is "no".  But when my friend, Mendy, asked if we wanted to go to the PBR {Professional Bull Riders} event at Oracle Arena last Friday night, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take Paige on a special night out.  So we cowgirled her up; boots, braids, button up blouse, blingy jeans and we were off to Oakland.

First thing's opp with Brazilian bull rider, Fabiano Vieira.

Had to do know, for Paige of course.

Lights, camera, flames,

action.....all the ingredients needed for a fun and exciting night.

These young bull riders are such athletes.  I really don't know HOW they are able to stay on a 2,000 plus pound bucking bull for 8 seconds....

and escape from getting stomped on when they do come off.

After the first section of the event, guess who made it on the Jumbo Screen......Miss Paige managed to be chosen from out of the stands by Wrangler as the "Cutest Little Cowgirl".  Rodeo clown, Flint, came up to meet her and give her some goods; Wrangler travel bag, gift cards and a short interview.

 She was diggin' it....

Back to the action.  Thirty-five bull riders throughout the night.

Exciting action, all to great music blaring from the speakers that,

by the end of the night, had Paige dancing and flipping her hair in the aisle.  
Uh oh, she's hooked, I'm afraid.

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