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September 4, 2013

Labor Day Wrap Up

There wasn't a whole lotta labor going on around here on Labor Day.  Instead, we headed over to our good friend's house for a festive and exciting pool party.  They broke out the home made Margarita Machine and everything!.....yes, it's powered by a lawn mower messing around.

Food, food, food and more food.....and a few drinks.

When there's a diving board, you can't keep Paige off of it...

More food, drinks consumed while talking fantasy football and baseball.  My kind of people!  This day could NOT get any better.

Great company, beautiful 80 degree weather and so relaxing.

I'm not quite sure exactly where our kids learn their dance moves, but I think it's working for them...

In sync and all....

And when you forget your swim suit at a pool party, you go in your boxers.... Dominic has no inhibitions......and, well, he grew up on a farm :)


when you're not wearing your suit because you're more of a lounger rather than a dipper when it comes to pool parties,  with a crowd such as this one, you may get tackled and thrown into the pool, clothing and all. {This was the exciting part}  

I can't swim to save my life, I'm like a fish out of water when I'm IN water (if that even makes sense) I flap around instead of treading, I sink, it's just ugly.  But fortunately, when you have a friend such as Sarah; very strong, swimmer extraordinaire, throw you in, you feel safe regardless.

(....and thank you, Danielle, for capturing this very photogenic moment of Sarah and I...)

See......back flip...she's a total fish.

While Sarah and Randy were entertaining us with their water ballet moves, Dominic DID head back home to feed the calves, so there was a little labor going on after all.

Such a great way to end the long weekend.  Work hard, play hard.

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