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January 14, 2013

NFL Playoffs and Tailgating

I don't know where to start!  This past weekend was a fast and furious one and pretty much all about football!  Okay, I'll start with my Forty Niners.

I have been a HUGE Forty Niner fan as far back as I can remember.  Growing up and to this day, it's just me and my dad {on my side of the family} who are Niner fans.  One sister is a wretched Raider fan and the other is a Cowboy fan.  So this weekend and next weekend was and will be big football weekends for us.

We made it to the game with friends, Deb and Rob.

But we had some pre-game prep to attend to first.... Paige colored in the sign that I planned on bringing along to the game and she was SO very happy to find out it made it on TV news clips, not just once, but three times.

Some people have an aversion to Niner fans saying they can be very annoying/obnoxious....after watching myself on various news clips that kept arriving in my email inbox all weekend, it is quite clear why people think this....I believe I am one of those said fans.  My Goodness.

Hot and Spicy chicken wings made it to the tailgate party my friend, Mendy hosted.  I don't have a recipe for these.  They're from CostCo....just heat up frozen wings for 30 minutes and bring along some blue cheese dipping sauce....perfect for a football party.

Dutton Estate wine also made it to the tailgate party....YUM....thank you Debbie!

Game time!  The National Anthem gives me chills EVERY time I hear it....on this night it was preformed by Huey Lewis.

And I loved that three sweet girls sat in front of me who were quick to turn and High-Five us every touchdown!

I must say, Colin Kaepernick is a STAR!  Love watching him and how he brings this team together....just awesome!  Such a fun, exciting game against the Green Bay Packers.  Now it's off to Atlanta for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

I was also going to share my recipe for stuffed peppers in this post, but that will have to wait til tomorrow.  I hope your weekend was full of good food, fun, friends and happiness!

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