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August 27, 2012

A Roaring Welcome Home for the Petaluma Nationals Little League Team

Well the Little League World Series is over.  I faithfully watched every game with pure enjoyment, as did almost our entire community, cheering on our home team, the Petaluma Nationals...aka, the West.  This group of 12 and 13 year olds are our 'Boys of Summer'.  They made history for our little northern California town.  The first time ever, a team from Petaluma has made it to the Little League World Series.

They played their hearts out and with great sportsmanship all the way through to the US championship game where they battled in extra innings and came in second to Tennessee. They played with a will to never give up and what appeared to be calm nerves throughout.  An inspirational group of boys who actually helped inspire my son to play fall ball this year.  Role models for all.

Well they were welcomed home today with a roar.  Escorted by CHP and the Petaluma Police from the airport and adding to the escort at the Marin/Sonoma county line, approximately 100 local bikers whose organization, the Rip City Riders, donated to the Petaluma Little League to help get the parents out to Williamsport, PA to watch their kids play ball.  

You might be wondering why I was with this group..... I just happened to be driving home from Petaluma and noticed the group of bikers parked across the freeway.  Figuring they were awaiting the boy's arrival, I turned my car around to investigate further and just ended up waiting there with them all.  A nice group!  I was even offered a few rides up to Petaluma along with them, but politely declined.

 they are.....

As the team approached, coming up the freeway, Harleys were revved and ready to join in .

So happy to see them approach in the white Hummer Limo and as they got closer there were waves all around.....I almost forgot to snap photos.

The bikers joined the entourage for their roar into Petaluma where they would cruise by Petaluma Jr. High School and Petaluma High School. 

Welcome Home!

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