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August 7, 2012

A Day in SOHO NYC ~ My Custom Belt

I've only been to SOHO twice in my life.  The first time was hurried, rushed and fit-in to the schedule.  This time around, I experienced it as it should be experienced.  It felt like a Sunday afternoon, even though it was Thursday, the weather was pleasant, not too hot, just right.  I was with girlfriends, good friends, the type I can live in very close quarters with for at least five days in a row.  No one was rushed, a great day.

We stumbled upon a little shop, Badichi, where belts are custom made for you while you wait.  If decisive, you pick the leather, the belt buckle and become measured all within minutes. 

I am not decisive when in comes to so many beautiful options....we were in that store for an hour, at least.

Once I chose a flower patterned leather, I was quickly measured and the store owner got busy punching the holes and putting it together for me.

It just happened to match the outfit I was wearing for the day...Love the belt, it's one of a kind.

After a little more shopping, we found a bustling little open air cafe to have a light lunch.  Fresh spinach salad, topped with olives, feta and peppers.  It is amazing to me at how much of the produce eaten in NYC comes from California. It's picked, packaged and shipped across the country, landing smack dab in the middle of New York City where it tastes just as fresh as it does back home.

Where I live, Marin County, Ca, it's all about eating 'local'.  Food that has been grown or raised just a few miles from where we live.  That's all fine and good, we are very fortunate, but looking at the big picture, little back yard organic farms are not going to feed the entire nation {or world}.  There are 18.9 million people that reside in New York City alone.  A city, when standing in the center of and looking around, there is no green to be seen.....on the outskirts, there are family farms in upstate NY, farmers markets and organic growers.

But to me, 'Local' is nationwide.

My recent trip to NYC has driven this point in even further than before.

Farms.  Big, family owned ones.  We need them to survive.  

My friend, Katie's family grows beans, wheat and barley, among other crops in North Dakota.

Leah's family grows corn and soybeans in Indiana

I love hanging with food's all about getting the 'money shot' before digging in :)

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