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March 7, 2012

TT w/Linky: Green Grass Virgins

We've had an early spring here in California.  A non-existent winter when it comes right down to it, actually.  With our scattered rain showers and tons of sun, we have some very rich, long green grass early in the season.

Since rain is not scheduled to be in the forecast any time soon, we're able to let our little lawnmowers out earlier than planned.

The calves in this group are about five months old and today is their first time out on live grass......not the straw that they're use to.  Oh, and it was their first trailer ride as well.

Once the trailer door opened, they all just stood there, peering out, teetering on the edge of the trailer floor boards, wondering what exactly the long, lush grass was intended for and who was the figure just down the hill from them with a camera pointed directly at them.

Scary stuff.

Their timid gaze followed me as I made my trek back up the hill, still unsure of what it was they were suppose to do.

It only took one brave soul to make that initial jump.

Then they all followed suit.....yee ha!

Do it!

Do it!

Oh yeah.

Today this group of calves learned that lush green grass is something to be thankful for......something us humans already know and don't take for granted.

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TexWisGirl said...

so sweet! i hope their young bellies can adjust to the change quickly!

Mary Ann said...

I'm grateful for your sweet pictures reminding all of us we have much to be grateful for, just as the calves do. The last picture is truly wonderful! What beauty you live near!

Robyn said...

I can't believe how much green grass you have!

We have a little snow from last week, but with the nice temps most of it is gone.

I bet the calves are having a grand ole time grazing.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh they are going to love this. It looks like an early spring for our girls also. Not as early as yours but we had an non existent winter also here in Canada. I hope we do not pay for that in terms of drought. Only time will tell. Take care. B