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January 11, 2010

The Wife of a Dairyman ~ The Hoof Trimmer

When I first moved to the ranch, when Dominic and I were first married, Dominic lets me know that the Hoof Trimmer was coming out that morning. Me, being a horse girl, thought that it must be very similar to a Farrier for horses.......boy, was I wrong! Or, at least it didn't look the same. I walk down the hill to meet Joe, the Hoof Trimmer and to see how this was done. As I walk up, I am amazed at what I see.... a cow hoisted up in a metal shoot and on a lift, that is run on hydraulics. Joe is filing away on the cow's hooves....this would never work with a horse! Dominic and Joe explain to me that this, in no way harms the cows, nor is it uncomfortable for them either. Well, Joe, the Hoof Trimmer was here again today for the monthly pedicure appointment for some of the cow. He usually trims around 20 cows per visit and he is here from 6 a.m. to about 11:30 a.m. The Procedure After the cow is hoisted up, Joe cleans the hooves, trims them with a hoof trimming knife, sprays any antibacterial spray if necessary and applies some antibiotics and wraps the hooves if needed (if they have a hoof wart). Then they are released back with their string looking all pretty. Joe is here approximately one day a month. The cows (200 +) are on a rotation schedule and some may need trims more often than others. Pin It

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