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January 23, 2010

Cleaning the Calf Barn

I forgot to mention yesterday to check out a new game under my "Favorite Links" called Milk the Cow. This is a fun game for the kids to enjoy....and the adults too! Today was the scheduled day to clean out the calf barn. This entails moving calves from one area of pens to another, scraping the bedding out with the tractor and replacing with new bedding (straw), then putting the calves back in their assigned pens. We have 40 + calves at the moment. The kids and I decided Dominic needed help with this, especially since there are seven, 3 day old calves (bottle calves) running around loose in midst of all this. The kids had a fun time petting the seven new little girls, they are so friendly and followed us around everywhere. Cow Fact ~ Calves can walk within one hour of birth! Below is a photo of the loafing barn where all the 'fresh cows' (cows that have just had babies) stay. This area is adjacent to the calf barn. For those of you interested, I did finally burn a DVD on the new Nero 9 program! Apparently I was trying to burn to the wrong type of DVD :) Pin It

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