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January 4, 2010

The week after Christmas Break

The two week Christmas school break is up this morning for Paige, my 3 1/2 year old. Both kids were up at 7:15 a.m.(Bryce goes back to kindergarten tomorrow). Breakfast was a bowl full of mush for Paige and a banana for Bryce, coffee for me. Not sure what Hubby had this morning for breakfast before he was off to feed the calves.....maybe some Honey Nut cereal or a leftover chocolate chip cookie. Chloe, the puppy, eats a little later in the day. Off to pre-school at 8:45 a.m. Paige was excited to go back. Bryce was excited to hang out with me, without his sister, for the morning. Not sure if it's because he enjoys his alone time with me or that I promised him we would make a stop at the donut shop. After dropping off Paige, Bryce and I head to the donut shop where he picks out his chocolate donut and an orange juice....the sugar high is just around the corner, I'm sure. We drive down to the mall, The Village, to pick up a couple of knobs for a cabinet, to the Apple store to upload any updates on my Ipod Touch....they load much faster at the store versus our home where our satellite service is just a step up from dial-up. After all our errands, we head back to pick up Paige at 11:30 a.m. Back at home, Hubby is at the house for lunch. As I noticed a few specks of manure on his face, he tells me he just finished scraping out all barns of manure with the tractor...a dirty job. Tri-tip sandwich for Hubby, he makes his own, salami sandwich for Bryce, PB&J for Paige and I have a frozen chicken and broccoli lunch. As for Chloe, she still decides to wait on eating but needed to go out for a potty break....and out emerged the red crayon that was eaten yesterday! Thank goodness crayons are non-toxic....Chloe seems to eat one per week. Makes for a colorful potty time anyway :) The afternoon was pretty mellow. A little bit of puppy training, tried to keep the kids busy without any conflicts and thinking about fish for dinner. Pin It
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