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November 17, 2014

Top 7 Turkey Myths That Could Ruin Your Thanksgiving

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year??  If you're cooking turkey on Thanksgiving or for any meal, here are seve turkey myths that could ruin your meal!  

7 Turkey Myths That Could Ruin Your Thanksgiving
Reader’s Digest debunks turkey myths to help you save time and your turkey this Thanksgiving
Old fashioned turkey lore can ruin your big meal. But Reader’s Digest compiled a list of turkey myths and turkey truths to help you save time and money – not to mention your meal – this Thanksgiving. Some turkey tips include:
  • MYTH: You don’t have to thaw a turkey completely. TRUTH: A properly thawed turkey is key to making sure the bird is fully cooked; one that’s partially frozen when it goes in the oven means the outside will cook but the inside will remain raw.

  • MYTH: A stuffed turkey won’t cook through. TRUTH: You can reduce risk by heating the dressing up to at least 130 degrees before placing it in the turkey. Also, check the temperature of both the stuffing and turkey meat before serving. Stuffing should be about 165 degrees, whether it’s cooked inside the bird or separately.

  • MYTH: Basting frequently keeps meat moist. TRUTH: Contrary to popular belief, experts say basting doesn’t actually flavor the meat much because most of the liquid runs off the skin and back in the pan. Plus, opening and shutting the oven every 30 minutes can cool an oven quickly, adding to overall roasting time.

  • MYTH: Don’t eat the skin. TRUTH: Turkey skin is high in fat – but its monounsaturated – the good kind of fat. Monounsaturated fats help balance cholesterol levels, which could lower your risk of heart disease, and it may improve insulin and blood sugar levels. Don’t make it your main meal, but feel free to enjoy a portion guilt-free.

Tips courtesy Reader's Digest!
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