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October 14, 2013

Idaho Potato Harvest

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.  Idaho potatoes.  That was the topic of conversation, mostly, on my recent trip to Idaho.  I was invited by the Idaho Potato Commission, along with nine other bloggers to learn all we could about the harvesting of potatoes and to eat too many fantastic potato dishes to even remember.

There were five of us from California.  Our first evening get together was spent at James Hoff's home and farm, where we were wined and dined with some awesome creamy potato creations and juicy tri-tip and chicken.

James Hoff gave us a tour of the farm, here he stands in the 50 degree "Cellar" where the potatoes are stored to "sweat" for three weeks after harvesting and before packaging begins.   There was a storm brewing  in the atmosphere and it was quite chilly that night as we learned that Idaho is prime for growing potatoes, with its warm days and cool nights.

The next day we were driven to Lynn Wilcox's potato farm to witness the harvest firsthand and dig up some spuds if we were so inclined..

Potatoes are all harvested by a Harvester in this day and age, not by hand like many years ago.

Here in California, many of the schools take a week off in February for "Ski Week".  Not so in Idaho.  The schools are off for a week in October for "Harvest Week" where many of the kids work the farms to help with the harvest for the entire week.

I think they're on to something here...

When you have two fantastic chefs traveling with you, you eat well.  Very well.  Here Chef Todd Downs and Chef Adam Moore, both of Charlie Baggs Inc., prepared a plethora of potato dishes for us to sample in the test kitchen at Idahoan Foods...{recipes coming soon}.

On our final night in Idaho, we headed up to the majestic Teton Springs Lodge and Spa in Victor, ID, where we stayed in amazing log cabins, met some more amazing chefs, Chef Rick Sordahl and his wife, Dana Sordahl, who prepared quite the spread for us....

After we loaded up on the amazing feast and tried some Idaho wines, we set off for a sunset horseback ride at Linn Canyon Ranch.

After the ride, we finished out our Idaho Harvest experience with dinner and later, a bonfire, at Linn Canyon Ranch.

After eating everything from a sweet and creamy potato cheese cake, to savory potato pierogie and even a gluten free potato pizza, I have a re-newed love for the many creations that can be made with the varieties of Idaho Potatoes!  I will be sharing many of the recipes, upcoming here on the blog.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Stay tuned.....Recipe for my Idaho Chipotle Bacon Cakes up next!....Great for using up those leftover mashed potatoes.

Many thanks to the Idaho Potato Commission for inviting and hosting me for this fabulous educational trip.

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