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April 23, 2013

New Showman ~ It's Official

With our kids growing up on the farm, they are exposed daily, to the animals.  We've never pushed them into showing an animal at the fair.  By giving them guidance and showing them the options available to them, we hoped they would be interested in the animals when the time came.

Bryce is eight years old.  Up until last year I thought he would be my one child who wouldn't want to have anything to do with showing calves and cows in our county fairs.  Year after year, he's watched his older cousins and friends care for their animals and show them at the fairs every summer.  I believe this has really inspired him to want his own calf and show her in the fair.

A year ago, he asked us if he could have his own calf to show for the upcoming fairs and shows.

Enter:  Jinx.  Born on January 1st, 2013.  Bryce's first show calf.

Our local fairs begin in June.  As a precursor to the fairs, our local Redwood Empire Holstein Association puts on a "Black and White Show & Sale" every spring.....the perfect event to give the kids a little practice showing their animals before the fairs begin.

Just before it was show time, Bryce says to me, 
"Mom, my stomach feels weird.  I don't want to show Jinx."
Bryce, that's a normal feeling.  Those are called jitters and they will disappear as soon as you step into that show ring.  You'll be fine and you'll have fun.

At the very last minute, sister Paige, borrowed her friend, Gracie's Jersey calf, Rusty, to show in the ring with Bryce in the "PeeWee" division.....8 and unders.....there were only two of them in the ring.

In the 'Showmanship Class', it's more about how the showman handles his/her calf and whether he pays attention to the judge in the ring at all times.

Both kids did really well.  Jitters gone for Bryce and I don't think Paige ever had them.

Bryce did so well, he was invited back to compete in Showmanship Class with the Juniors.....12 years old and under.  There were seven in all.

Bryce did his best to keep his eye on the judge, Tony Demellow.

Which paid off.  He came in third.


No turning back now.

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