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April 15, 2013

Dairy Princess Ball

One of the events that we attend as a family annually every April is our local, District 3 Dairy Princess Ball.  The responsibility of a Dairy Princess and her first and second alternates are to act as goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry.  They will speak at schools, fairs and many other community events and functions about the importance of dairy products and also to answer questions the public may have regarding dairy products and dairy herd care.

This year there were five contestants vying for the top spot of the 56th District 3 Dairy Princess.  All the young ladies, seniors in high school, did a fantastic job speaking under pressure to a crowd of over 700....nerve racking for almost anyone, I believe.

Top placement went to our family's long time friend, Frankie Gambonini!  Paige couldn't WAIT to make her way over to Frankie to congratulate and dance with her.

The rest of the evening included a scrumptious Tri-Tip dinner and LOTS of dancing and socializing.  I think the kids at this event almost out number the adults.  So much fun.

Paige's goal of the evening was to dance with every single dairy princess....persuasive Paige, somehow, talked First Alternate, Jessie Peterson into relinquishing her tiara for just a few minutes.

Lots of dancing, home by midnight, asleep by 12:10 and awake the next morning to attend a 4H Cooking meeting here at the house....{where we made fabulous mini quiches....recipe coming soon!}

Contest Results:

Dairy Princess:  Francesca Gambonini of Petaluma
1st Alternate:  Jessie Peterson of Petaluma
2nd Alternate:   Makenzie Floyd of Sebastopol

Congratulations Ladies!!
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