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April 24, 2013

After School Appetizer ~ Banana Corn Chip Snack

Okay, don't laugh.  This Banana Corn Chip appetizer is a favorite in my house with the kids....and with me too.  It must be the combination of saltiness the corn chips have with the sweetness of the banana.  Salty and sweet, I'm all over that.....serve this at any party where there are kids and they'll be all over it too.

Today my little Miss stayed home from school because I thought she was sick.  She wasn't.  So before I home-schooled her, she wanted a little snack, which she made herself.

After I sliced the banana, Paige placed them neatly on a plate and topped them with corn chips.

Don't judge...just try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  Goes well with a glass of chocolate milk too.

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