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June 7, 2012

Ready, Set, Fair Time

June is SUCH a crazy month around here.  One of our local fairs is coming up in just two short weeks and all the last minute details to fair projects need to be complete by next week.  

We're scrambling here.  Not enough time and too long of a to-do list.

Bryce and Paige both are involved with the woodworking and cooking projects through 4H and yesterday was ALL about woodworking.  Starting and finishing a flower planter box and painting some of their projects they've already completed were top priorities.

Each planter box required five cuts.  That's 10 between the both of them.  That's a whole lotta arm movement.  When they became tired and their little arms limp from sawing, I stepped in and helped.

When I became tired and my scrawny little arm became limp from sawing, my sister stepped in, both with the sawing and drilling.  Everything is done by hand with the little ones.  No power tools, just a lot of elbow grease.

All that's left is painting the flower box and we ARE DONE!

Have you ever entered anything in your local fair?  If so, what?

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