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November 28, 2011

Woodworking For Kids

You guys know how much I love the 4H program if you're a regular reader here.  Our 2011-12 4H season just kicked off and this year along with cooking, both the kids are also signed up for woodworking.  The projects they create can be entered in the county fairs next summer if they decide to do so.
Safety first.

My brother-in-law, Joe, is the woodworking leader in our 4H club, so the kids were psyched to go to their Uncle Joe's house for their first meeting and learn how to use the saw, hammer and screwdriver.

There's also lots of parent involvement that goes along with the woodworking group.  Thankfully, one of the parents, Eric, helped Bryce sand and measure out part of his project.

At ages five and seven, Paige and Bryce were totally into creating something from a pile of wood.

All that's needed are the finishing touches that can be completed at home and they'll each have a shelf/coat rack for their rooms!

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