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November 9, 2011

TT w/Linky: Red Barn Scenery

Every morning on my way back from school drop off and later in the day, on the way to pick up, when it's quiet in my vehicle for a short seven minute drive, I can honestly say I never tire of the scenery of gentle rolling hills, the cows grazing, and the grape vines all along the way. 

But just as I'm about to reach school, nestled in a little valley sits what I envision in my mind to be the perfect, quintessential family barns and all.  Red is my favorite color, therefore, I have a tendency to be drawn to all things red, and I most definitely have a thing for red barns. The contrast between the red on this barn, against the colors of nature is nothing short of a glorious view for me.

So today I'm thankful for my red barn scenery I so enjoy, at least five days a week.

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