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July 1, 2014

Top 10 Important Lessons Learned at the County Fair

Whoa.  Since school let out for the summer, our lives have been nonstop, action packed and mostly all fun. We began summer break with an adult trip to Las Vegas for the weekend {sorry no Vegas pics} and moved right in to our county fair week.  

There are so many life lessons learned at the county fair.  Every year a few new lessons sneak their way in and the old ones are reiterated.

Here is my Top Ten:

County Fair Lesson #1:  It's really IS OK to accept a foot long, mustard slathered corn dog from a 6 foot 5 bearded man....especially when his name is Jeff.

County Fair Lesson #2:  When your shoes {or your kid's shoes} fall off in the midst of a Zipper ride, don't worry about recovering them, just sheild your head for cover.

County Fair Lesson #3:  Try your darnedest to keep your "whites" as white as possible on show day, even while scooping poop in the barn or walking through poop on your way to the show ring.

County Fair Lesson #4:  When your heifer is "in heat" on show day, try your hardest not to fall down when she jumps on top of you.....all three times.  Good job, Bryce.  {Side lesson for Mom....stifle your scream when your kid is jumped in the show ring by his "in heat" heifer.....I still need to work on this one.}

County Fair Lesson #5:  It's much more fun hanging out at the dairy barn, playing cards with your buds than going to the carnival, any day of the week.

 County Fair Lesson #6:  Down time is important at the trailer, OR..........

ring side....

County Fair Lesson #7 :  Always bring and wear long sleeves and pants when participating in the Pig Scramble...even in 85 degree temperature.

County Fairy Lesson #8 :  When your kid's heifer is in heat, give her a hand {or arm} to use as a pacifier before entering the show ring.

County Fair Lesson #9 :  Always lend a helping hand to your friends and let the older kids show the younger kids the ropes.....they'll listen that way.

County Fair Lesson #10 :  During the hustle and bustle throughout the week, take a moment to stop, look, listen and enjoy the scene.  Great memories are being created.

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