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December 12, 2011

Top 10 Tips WhenTraveling With Kids

Traveling with kids can be both fun and challenging.  Having a list of traveling priorities from both the kids and myself seemed to help on this recent trip to Nevada.

The top 10 list is ever changing with many of our trips but keeping the following things in mind when booking a trip help to keep things running {almost} smoothly....

1.  Come snow, rain, sleet, or summer, a pool is a MUST on any get-away.  And to keep mama happy, a hot tub is required.

This past week, the family attended the California Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting which was held in Sparks, NV at The Nugget Hotel and Casino.  They have a fabulous indoor pool area where the temperature in the room itself stays at a warm and balmy 98 degrees.

2.  The hotel room must be at the 20th floor or higher, which leads to long elevator rides....another favorite.

3.  Having plenty of things to climb on, ride on and play on is something to look for on any trip.  

4.  Okay, this one wasn't on the kid's list but it was on in the room to do the school work we brought with us since they were missing three days of school for this trip.

5.  Easy access to plenty of ice cream.

Sugar high, soon to arrive....

6.  Schedule or just find plenty of keep-busy activities such as the in-house arcade or shaking heavy cream to make our own butter at a farm convention....

 7.  If there is a grand dinner scheduled, I learned that having dessert sitting directly in front of the dinner plate from the start is a great motivator to finishing dinner.

Especially when it looks like this........

8.  Being two of the six or seven kids in this entire room of adults for a two hour dinner and presentation was not as challenging as I had anticipated.......bringing along the ipod touch was a good call.

9.  Ending the evening with a magician who handles fire torches was definitely a winner for both Bryce and Paige.

10.  And at last.....NEVER, EVER cry {or swear} over spilled milk.......even if half of it ends up in your purse, covering your cell phone and camera.......just ask the cocktail waitress for a Madras instead.

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