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May 4, 2010

This Little Piggy

This past weekend, we took a trip down to San Luis Obispo, CA.  It was the CA State Finals for FFA and Dominic coaches the Dairy Evaluation Judging Team for Petaluma (they came in 6th, not bad for the first year at the finals).  Every year we make this trip in May, and lucky for us we have family and friends that we visit while we're there. 

Meet Great Nonnie.  This is Dominic's Grandmother and Bryce and Paige's Great Grandmother......Great Nonnie.  We only have the pleasure of visiting with Great Nonnie a few times a year.  She comes up to our place once a year (usually) and we go down to hers once a year. 

Great Nonnie is the first person that has ever 'shown' Bryce the "This Little Piggy Went to Market" story.  His first time hearing it was when he was 2 years old from Great Nonnie and he still looks forward to hearing it from her EVERY time we see her.  

We all LOVE Great Nonnie.  She is so full of love that is easily felt every time we're with her.  Nonnie's lap is a good place to be.

Nonnie is also a great collector of things.  We brought home this 1957 calendar that hung in Nonnie's house for many years.  It reminded her of Dominic so she saved it for him because he used to love looking at the Santa picture when he was a young boy.  Things like this bring Nonnie, and I'm sure Dominic also, right back to their visits together so many years ago.

Nonnie had something for Bryce and Paige also.  She told them, "This is Agate.  The bands are formed within volcanic rock". 
Blue Agate for Bryce.

Purple for Paige.

But Bryce found something even BETTER than the beautiful Agate.....a "treasure box", which Nonnie said he could keep.  He couldn't wait to bring it home and fill it up.

Paige also found something she wanted that Nonnie was able to part with.......a telescope!

Many more great memories to cherish were created this past weekend.

Happy Tuesday!
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An Authentic Life said...

I want a Nonnie!!!!!!!!!!! She looks lovable and sweet and so hugable!!