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May 21, 2010

I believe we have a Budding Photographer

I think we may have a young, budding photographer in our house.  His name is Bryce and he's 5 years old.  Bryce asked Santa for a Nintendo DSi for Christmas this past December and since he had been well behaved throughout the year, he received one.  Not only does the DSi play video games (which Bryce is limited to at 15 minutes a day) it also has a camera with some neat, creative functions.

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  Bryce tells me that all the photos he takes are for his 'Blog' but he has allowed me to publish them on my blog.  All of the following photos were taken by and created by Bryce.

"Wow, this thing takes pictures!!"

"I want a lot of these"  (ya, so do I)

A whole lot of love

Sister Paige

Playing with depth of field?

Logan's beautiful eye

Logan and Bryce

Mario is HUGE in our house

"I want to be King"

More love

"More of me to love"

"What do I look like with pink hair?"

What does Daddy look like with pink hair?

Distortion feature

Can't have too many Christmas trees!

A nature shot

I hope you enjoyed some of Bryce's creative work.  Which one is your favorite?

Happy Friday!  Cheers!
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1 comment:

Dana Gustafson said...

Well of course he is..he's got you to learn from! Gotta love digi cameras and photo functions :) And I think the pink hair photos are my fave...does Dom know he's featured in this post??? hee hee hee