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April 22, 2010

Our Earth Day Activities & McEvoy Ranch

For Earth Day, the little one room school house that Bryce attends along with the second one-room school house in the area (there's 3 total) took a field trip to watch the movie Oceans by Disney.  Disney comes out with a nature film annually on Earth Day.  Nearly three quarters of the earth's surface is covered with water and oceans and the movie Oceans chronicles the mysteries that lie beneath.

It's amazing how these creatures under the sea can be captured on film in their natural environment in such an undisturbed light.  It was captivating enough to keep both my three and five year old entertained throughout the entire film.

On the drive home while we were playing the "who can be the quietest" game in the car, I was able to stop and take a few photos of the only modern day windmill in Marin county.

The windmill belongs to Nan McEvoy of McEvoy Ranch, a 552 acre olive oil ranch in Marin County, which at one time was a dairy ranch, and sits just over the hill from us.  The structure has a 97 foot tower with three blades, each 50 feet long, a total height of 147 feet.  The windmill is powerful enough to generate enough electricity to power a dozen buildings and the olive oil processing plant on the 552 acre ranch.  The project was built by Sustainergy Systems of Inverness, CA.

The system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 110 tons per year and fully pay for itself in 16 years.

My kids love when we drive over Red Hill on our way to Petaluma to see who will be the first to spot the windmill and to check if the blades are spinning.

Happy Thursday!
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