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October 27, 2015

Healthy Options for Halloween Treats

Halloween signifies the grand opening to the season of OVERINDULGENCE.  From Halloween through December, many of us will continue on a non-stop ride to parties, treats, maybe some wine, time with family and friends and some shopping and more parties, just to name a few.

Whenever possible, I like to try and balance the season of Overindulgence with as many healthy snacks as I possibly can.  When I received these adorable, healthy snack recipes from Terra's Kitchen , I thought it would add a healthy option for our kids (and adults) this Halloween week.

How fun are these?!!  Perfect for a school Halloween party!

  • White: pear, jicama, banana
  • Orange: cantaloupe, apricot, mango
  • Yellow: pineapple
Directions: Choose one of each color fruit. Cut progressively larger size triangles and thread onto lollipop sticks to look like oversize candy corn. Served chilled.

  • Kiwis
  • Mini pretzels
Directions: Carefully peel kiwi with a vegetable peeler. Cut off a small lengthwise piece (the belly of the spider) so it sits flat on a plate. Break mini pretzels into curved pieces and insert 3 legs on each side. Carve out little indentations for eyes and serve. (You might also try raisins or chocolate chips, if you can figure out a way to make them stick!).

Photos and recipes courtesy Terra's Kitchen.
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