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June 10, 2013

Sum Sum Summer Time

We made it through another school year, already.  Growing up, my parents constantly would say "Time goes SO fast" and I remember thinking how slow it actually felt to me.....well, I know now exactly what they were feeling back then.  It DOES go fast.  The busier we are, the faster it goes.

We've started our summer out with a bang, this past Friday was the last day of school where we have a pool party for the kids, parents and any alumni who would like to attend at our teacher/principal's beautiful house.   I think I want to move in to her pool house for the summer....felt like I was on vacation.  Ninety degree weather and a 90 degree pool was a cause for celebration....oh, and the blood orange mimosas helped with that as well.

Our busy weekend included a swim meet for Bryce on Saturday....another 90 degree day.

I coordinate the snack shack for the meet and here was the calm before the storm.....

Later that day we managed to attend the Novato Art and Wine Festival only to come home and collapse after the long day....{no pics, too tired to think about it}

The next day, Sunday, was our 4H fundraiser BBQ.  The kids put on some animal workshops to get ready for the upcoming county fair next week.  Here Paige is practicing Showmanship with her bunny, Sweetie.  Sweetie is a very good girl....she lays on her back for Paige without a problem.  Hoping she'll do the same during the actual fair competition.

And today we have the 4H dairy group kids coming over for a workshop on cow clipping {haircut} and preparing the barn display for the fair.

The school year went fast but I think summer will go even faster.....
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