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May 16, 2013

Smashburger Novato

When I received an invite to attend the Smashburger grand opening in my home town, I made sure to clear my evening schedule.....I have the biggest burger fiend alive, that lives in our house and I knew this would make his night.

Bryce is eight.  He's a little guy.  And he doesn't order off the child's menu in any restaurant anymore....the food portions are just too small for my big eater.  Being the burger connoisseur that he is, I relied on his comments as a big portion of my review of this new burger restaurant.

After we put his bacon cheeseburger together, he all but inhaled the thing within 5 minutes.  I'm not exaggerating.  He loved it.  He wanted another one.  I said "No, eat your sweet potato fries."  He had a few, I had more than a few....they were good....crispy, salty and sweet all in one bite.  Bryce would be happy if all he ate was some sort of meat, preferably burgers or steak, raw veggies and an assortment of fruit....fries and other sides don't really interest him.

Unlike his sister, who would rather only eat the sides and the bread.  She ordered a hot dog off the child's menu that came with fries.  My picky eater was a little skeptical of the "spotted" bun when it arrived at our table but after one bite, I didn't hear another complaint.

Earlier in the day I had eaten a sandwich on a Ciabatta bun, so I felt I had had my bread intake for the day and ordered my barbecue bacon cheddar burger on a "lettuce bun".....only got to eat half of it, because Bryce was staring at it from across the table, so I shared....he gobbled.

I ordered a side of veggie frites.  Lightly battered and fried green beans and carrots served with ranch dip...yum!

For dessert, they came around with samples of Butterfinger and Nutterbutter Shakes....OH MY!

The atmosphere at Smashburger Novato is very pleasant, very open, walls of windows, bright and comfortable.  You place your order at the counter, where you can also order craft beer {Lagunitas} or domestic beer, take your number to your table and the food is brought to you.

We'll definitely be going back to Smashburger Novato and if I left it up to Bryce, we'd be eating breakfast, lunch AND dinner there.  Their menu is small with a variety of burgers, chicken burgers, vegetarian options, hot dogs, a few salads to choose from and shakes and malts.

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