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June 29, 2016

Jinx's Story....Only at the Fair.

We just came off of a week at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, held in Petaluma, Ca.  This is one of our family's favorite small town fairs where many kids have the chance to show their animals that they have been raising and caring for all year long.  Many many memories are made at our county fairs every year, nationwide. 

This little Jersey heifer, Ginny, was given to Paige by a family friend, Regina. We are proud to say Ginny is the very first Jersey that has ever lived on the Grossi Dairy over the past 70 years it's been in existance!  Paige has always had an affinity to Jerseys because of their sweet faces and their light coloring....their looks  remind her of baby deer.  Ginny did Paige well at the Sonoma-Marin Fair....she helped Paige achieve a 1st place ribbon in the Showmanship Class.  

Bryce also has a super sweet Holstein cow named Jinx.  She's three years old, is pregnant with her second calf and he entered her as a 'dry cow' at the fair.  Dry cow simply means she is not milking at the time because she is preparing to give birth and is enjoying a couple of months off from milking.

In my eyes, Jinx is just a big lap cow.  Similar to a dog but much, MUCH larger.  Instead of her sitting on our laps, we sit in hers.  Sweetest bovine creature EVER.

She loves scratches behind her ears and under her chin and loves to give late night, very wet kisses in the barn.

Sweet Jinx surprised us all on the last morning of the fair.  Our nephew, Cameron, had set his early morning alarm for 4 a.m. to milk his cow, Lucy, when he discovered a little bitty head protruding out of Jinx at that same time.  After waking us all up with this discovery, Dominic helped Jinx finish her labor by pulling the calf  the rest of the way out and Jamie was born at 4:15 a.m and approximately 10 days early.

A sweet little heifer, that looks alot like her mama and with the same sweet disposition was here to share the last day of the fair with us and ALL who came by to visit.  People were amazed that she was just hours old....maybe the youngest calf people had ever laid they're eyes on, in real life.

Just a couple of hours after Jamie was born and after being licked clean by her mama, Jamie stood on all four hooves.

It's amazing to me the natural instincts that happen immediately with a newly born calf.  She found her mama and nursed.

Jinx is the ever loving, caring mama.   With the comfort of her 'human family' never leaving her and her baby's side, Jinx seemed happy to share her newborn baby with the public.

One proud mama and a memory that our family and many other families will never forget at the Sonoma-Marin Fair this year.

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