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September 30, 2010

A Day In The Life

.......of a manure spreader.  Yes, it's that time of year again, when Dominic is trying to get every last bit of manure spread onto the fields and pastures where he can.   As you know, all of the cow manure on a dairy farm must be contained and every summer, it must be spread upon the pastures before it rains, only to begin the entire process over again.  Remember.....dairies recycle just about everything.

So, what you see below is Dominic loading up the green manure spreader, tractor load by tractor load with manure.

He then pulls the spreader with a bulldozer.

As it flings the manure across the pasture,

row after row until it's all spread.   Ready for our first rain to help the nutrients from the manure fertilize the land.  Among the areas of pasture that are more flat, oat hay is planted after the manure spreading and tractor disking take place.  This hay will grow and be ready to cut the following year in late spring or early summer and it goes to feed our beef cows and my horse, Joey.

Paige, Chloe and I took a walk over to see how it was all progressing.

We walked up the little hill side to watch from the shade.

There are a few bay trees over in that area.

I snapped off a branch so I could dry the leaves out at home.  Perfect for stews!

Paige and I had fun exploring under the cover of the trees.

Paige thought this particular branch looked like a weasel eating a bay leaf.  And I think it does also.

The only bugs that were out and about that we could find were a couple of spiders.

From a parting of tree branches we were able to see our house across the road.

Here we are, headed back at home.  You can see Dominic running the tractor and the trees Paige, Chloe and I were under are in the upper left side of the photo.

We then preceded to spend the next hour pulling fox tails and burrs from Chloe's fur.  Maybe next time she'll stay at home.  Or I'll give her a buzz cut first.

Was your day as exciting as mine?

Happy Thursday!

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