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December 1, 2011

Gun Safety for Kids

You may think the title of this post is an oxymoron...if you don't think the way I do, that is.
The reality of living and growing up on a ranch is, as kids, you're exposed to many different situations and experiences then say, a city kid might be exposed to.

Guns are one of those things that are part of life when growing up on a ranch.

Gun safety lessons begin here, on our ranch at age four, or thereabouts.  They learn what exactly a gun will do in the extreme case.....and then eat some quail stew.

They learn the proper way to handle a gun.  The gun Paige is holding is a BB gun and she is learning on this cold Sunday morning, never to point a gun at anyone and always at the ground unless she's aiming at her target.

Obviously these weapons are far too large for five year old Paige, so Daddy helps her shoot this .22 at a Pepsi can target.

Bryce is seven and has been shooting since age four.  He can load, cock, and shoot and be safe about it at the same time....all with 100% adult supervision until he's older.

Our guns are stored in a locked, standing safe, out of reach from all children that enter our house.  Teaching our kids gun safety and how to responsibly store and respect the rules regarding firearms is of utmost importance to us.  We believe it's important for our kids to understand them, what they are for, the dangers of mishandling and the fun times we can have when properly handled.

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