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May 30, 2010

Pit Burning Party-Deer Camp

Next weekend is Western Weekend in Pt. Reyes Station and we prepare all the chicken BBQ for the event (more on that next weekend).  The chicken is BBQ'd at our friend's deer camp and since we've had a TON of late rain storms, the BBQ pits have about four inches of water in them and need to be cleaned out.  This is done by burning them out.  And what's more fun than a BBQ pit burning party?  Any excuse, right?

Last night was the night.

There are three pits.  Two large and one that you see in the photo below.

While the big pits are being burned out, the smaller one serves as the BBQ for dinner.

We brought over some of our natural beef short ribs and sirloin steaks.

Hot dogs for the kids.  Although when there's a choice between steak and hot dogs, Bryce eats steak.

While dinner was grilling, Matt prepared and served up some of his delicious bacon wrapped halibut.
Doesn't just about anything taste good wrapped in bacon?  YUM!

So Good!

Paige eating her hot dog and Bryce eating steak.

Daisy the German Shepard shaking her 'daddy's' hand and probably hoping for a snack.

Lots of salads to choose from.  I made a fruit salad and there was also pasta and potato.  I had a little of each.  Baked beans in the slow cooker were also on hand.

Dinner time!

Play time.

Such a fun night we all had.  I think the weather has finally cleared up and we've seen the last of our winter type storms.  YEAH!

Deer camp is only 10 minutes from our ranch.  We ended up staying until 9:45 p.m., which is really late for the kids.  A late night is almost a sure bet for cranky kids the next day (they normally go to bed at 8).  And they were a bit cranky today at the Portuguese Festa we attended (more on that soon).

Happy Sunday!
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